Edge of Empire: From Crime to Consequence

Padawan Syllus’ Journal Entry #1

Ruins of War

I was awakened, upon seeing the group before me I immediately wanted to speak to the council. It was important, the separatists were behind the kidnapping and the Hutt Cartel must be informed. They stared at me and each other, possibly confused, for a moment. They didn’t know what I was talking about. How could they? It’s been over 20 years since I crash landed. While I helped them repair their ship which had conveniently crashed nearby I spoke with their protocol droid. Which, before I get into what was said, was a strange amalgamation of parts. I’m honestly a little curious about it’s origins. Though the mechanic of the ship, Jei Ying, seems to be particularly protective and profoundly untrusting. Then again, how could she trust me. Apparently I’m the first of the Jedi Order they have ever met. Which brings me back to the discussion I had with 7-A3B, which the crew seems to have shortened to 3B. I survived the crash. I can only assume it was the work of the Force and Master Kenobi. A little over 20 years has passed and the Jedi Council has been dissolved. Apparently most of the Jedi have been killed and are now hunted by the “Empire.” That’s also a new thing. The Republic’s Senate has also been dissolved and Chancellor Palpatine has declared himself Emperor. I did not want to inundate my new traveling companions with questions, of which I have many. What were the events that led to this? Did we fail to secure the Hutts favor? Why would the Chancellor betray the Jedi? Now we are traveling to Nar Shadda. I must be careful to keep a low profile, 3B has warned me strongly that should my existence be known I may be in danger. If the Jedi are all deceased then there is work to be done, I must seek out any who are Force Sensitive and rebuild. Though sitting here in the palace of one of the Hutts is a thing I expected to be doing 20 years ago I’ve never felt more out of place.

Wait … did he say Skywalker? Anakin?



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