Chapter Two: An Unlikely Alliance

It is a time of civil war. Despite a dramatic push-back by the Empire, the Rebel Alliance remains strong and undaunted. Fractures in is leadership that the Empire felt would doom the fledgling movement, have proven minor and mostly unknown outside the inner cabal of the Alliance.

Thakba the Hutt, a regional Hutt power, has started to make a name for himself, embarrassing a rival Hutt and gaining control over a bounty hunter once employed by his superior – who he suspects has been spying on him. Seizing upon opportunity, he schemes to unite with the young Rebellion through its General Garm Bel Iblis, establishing a power-base the other Hutts cannot match, and place himself on the Hutt Council.

But there are many who would object to Thakba’s rise. Teemo the Hutt, his superior who sits on the Council now, is a powerful and dangerous rival. The Imperial military seek to stop any who would ally with the young Rebellion. And Thakba’s most effective agents – the small crew of the Heart of Corellia – aren’t even certain they want to work for him.

With the dark Jedi Rena Harvix on their tail and the open question of Plo Koon’s holocron haunting them, the Heart of Corellia sets off into the adventures that will make their name in the galaxy, battling Hutt crimelords, mysterious oceanic ruins, secret Rebels, vicious bounty hunters, and the might of the Galactic Empire.

In the dark of Galactic Civil War, maybe a small group of criminals will make all the difference.

Session XP (All-time XP)
Episode 8:
Group XP: 25 (200)
Individual XP:
(out of a max of 5)
Adrian: 2 (36)
Alice: 2 (24)
Brady: 4 (30)
Dave: 2 (40)
Duncan: 5 (10)
Eben: 2 (34)
Contributions: Brady (two measly packages of spaghetti), Duncan (prologue, candy)

Edge of Empire: From Crime to Consequence

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