There are many ways to earn experience points through our game. The most common way I’m sure you’re familiar with is through overcoming challenges, but there are several more.

There are five areas in which XP can be earned: Combat, Story, Roleplay, Contribution, Journals.

The first two areas of XP are earned at-table. These can only be earned during the actual session.

Combat: Combat XP is gained through battling bad guys or overcoming combat challenges. If you bypass a group of five Stormtroopers with diplomacy, or stealth, and don’t actually kill them, you still get the same amount of XP as if you had killed them. It’s all about overcoming challenges in my game, not just killing people. Every combat is worth a certain amount of XP in total, and is awarded to the whole group.

Story: Occasionally there will be hidden story rewards which will yield XP. These are often awarded not unlike Achievements in a video game. These could be any number of situations, but will often be earned through roleplay.

The above two methods of XP generation are earned and awarded to the entire group, and will typically equal about 20 XP per session (it will vary based on the session and what happens, obviously).

The next three areas of XP are earned in a more out-of-game fashion. These three areas are each worth, in total, 5 XP, and these are earned individually, not as a group.

Roleplay: This is a solid group, so this section is rarely not maxed out. So long as people have a few cool roleplay encounters, and stay focused at the table, it is usually fine. It can suffer however for a number of reasons: lack of focus, frequent OOG chatter/references, severe game interruptions, showing up extremely late, or unprepared for game. Being too sick, or too tired to play for the full session so that we would have to end the game early. Falling asleep at the table. Excessive checking of electronic devices unrelated to the game to such a degree that I personally am distracted. These almost never happen to such a degree that I feel the need to dock roleplay XP, but they have happened and will undoubtedly happen in this campaign. Just keep a good head on your shoulders. Maximum XP bonus: 2XP.

Contribution: You can earn XP in the Contribution section for any number of contributions you make to the game. Purchasing/painting new miniatures for the game, providing me with soundtrack music, bribing me for XP by buying me dinner at-game, or bringing snacks for the group. This is also where any XP gained for doing the prologue will be placed. Most commonly however, this section is filled out by contributing to the Obsidian Portal between sessions. Adding your notes to the wiki, engaging in conversation in the forums, adding information about an NPC in the character section, and so on. Maximum XP bonus: 2XP.

Journals: You can earn XP in this category by writing a character journal between games. Journals must be added to the portal by 8:00am on the day before a session, which I believe would give everyone substantial time to read them before the session. You can submit a journal entry after 8:00am the day before, or on the day of a session, or even retro-submit a journal entry later for sessions gone by. This will not earn any bonuses, but I would never turn them away. Journals are meant to remind you a previous session’s events and get in your characters mindset between games. They aren’t homework assignments. And writing them up after the next session has come and gone will have vastly diminishing returns for the good they will do you as a player, as well as the rest of the group. Hence the removal of rewards. Maximum XP bonus: 1XP.

The idea here is to encourage players to either spend time they have between games (if you happen to have free time you want to commit, no pressure here folks) or put in some money/time specifically for the games to make the campaign more in-depth and fun for everyone. These are just some ideas. But really, any way that you contribute to the game, or expand upon the world with personal creative projects and create something you can bring to game or post on the game’s wiki, this can yield bonus XP.


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