The Force

There is a force-sensitive specialization available in this game, and I am permitting and eager to allow anyone who wants to play a force-sensitive character to do so. Know that, in the twenty years since the end of the Jedi Order, most people think back on the Force as some kind of crazy religion, and there will be no teachers to help you learn how to use your new powers. Over time, a character who is focused on this path may be provided methods to learn more, but it will be a very difficult journey.

Oh, and if they find out, anyone in the Empire will try to kill you. There’s that.

In order to gain Force Sensitivity, you must do the following:

- Tell me in advance, so I can weave it into gameplay
- Set aside the appropriate xp to unlock the specialization (20 if it is your second, for example)
- I will NOT make this decision for anyone; it is strictly up to you, and if we don’t have a Force-user in the party, that’s fine.

The Force

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