Table Focus

One piece of our group’s social contract that I always like to mention is focus at-the-table. What I’m asking for is pretty simple. If you want to talk about things unrelated to the campaign, please save them for before the session, during breaks, or after sessions. This includes things unrelated to the game (work, vacations, LARP, etc.), or related to the game but unrelated what’s happening around the table (future character development/specializations/talents, that new trick you picked up last game, etc.)

Now, I do not require constant roleplay. In fact, I think a good way to imagine the ideal session, is flipping back and forth between two modes. Talking about the campaign, rolling dice, planning, and moving forward. And roleplay. I think this group will pick up clearly on when I, or one of the other players, enters roleplay mode. Please, please, please, oh god please, when there is an in-game conversation happening at the table, even if you’re not involved with it, please do not interrupt the scene until it comes to its natural end. That is one of my big table pet peeves.

When we’re not in a roleplay scene, you should be focused on what’s happening then in the campaign. Likely, at any given time, I have asked a question, or you’re deciding where to go, or making plans – something is always happening. Keeping focused doesn’t mean constantly staying in-game, but it does mean not getting side-tracked from this stuff.

Finally, during roleplay scenes, if your character is not participating, I will consider it a personal favor if you don’t allow yourself to sink into a book or electronic device waiting for it to be “your turn”. Since we’re all telling this story together, sit back and enjoy your fellow player’s scene!

Table Focus

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