At the beginning of every session, a player will deliver a prologue. A single player cannot deliver the prologue more than once in a row, and it is suggested that at the beginning of every session (before the session actually begins) the group determines who will do the prologue for the next session so they can take adequate notes.

A prologue is, at it’s core, a recap of the previous session and should serve as a reminder of the highlights and important points of the session, as well as a means to get players back in the mood and excited for the session to come.

The ideal prologue is not just a reading of notes, or a presentation of bullet pointed facts. Tell us a story! Feel free to write it all out ahead of time, or base it off your notes in the moment. Whichever you work better with. Weave us a tale of heroes and monsters!

If you want, you are encouraged to do something fun with it as well. Maybe it’s not just a story, but a story being told of the parties exploits at some point in the future. Maybe it’s a NPC who you met last session recounting the events from their point of view. Maybe it’s your character’s journal entries. Feel free to even take a gentle hold of the story’s reins with your story if you want! If someone in the future is telling this story as if it happened in the past, maybe they hint at something to come. Maybe the person telling the story is one of the character’s relatives yet to be born! Maybe an NPC is sharing the story that you haven’t met yet but will meet this session! I will do my best as the GM to oblige such collaborative storytelling.

In past campaigns I’ve seen people do prologues as epic poems, powerpoint slideshows, ballads, puppet shows… I mean the list goes on. Feel free to just tell it as a story, or to go crazy. The key here is:

1. Provide a recap of the last session
2. Set the mood for the session to come
3. Entertain the group

If you provide a substantial prologue that wins the group’s approval, your character can gain one of the following:

- your contribution xp, or
- one critical injury immediately healed, or
- one reroll to be used during the session.


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