Hero Points

The concept of Hero Point is fairly simple to wrap your head around – you have some points to spend on awesome stuff that I can give out as rewards for a variety of things.

There are a few ways to gain hero points:

Character History: Writing a complete character history yields 1 hero point.

Character Story: At the end of every chapter, whoever has written the most journal entries for the chapter gains 1 hero point.

Completing Plot Arcs: At the completion of a chapter you gain 1 hero point.

Mega Bosses: By killing a dark Jedi, or other similarly dangerous boss you may gain 1 Hero Point (more common mid-chapter than end-chapter, when you would be gaining one anyways)

Chapter Quiz: At the end of every chapter we have a quiz or contest testing your knowledge of the chapter. The winner usually gains 1 or more hero points.

Heroic Acts: Performing an exceptionally heroic act WITHOUT the use of a Hero Point. This could be anything depending on the circumstances, but most often will be an epic “that was really cool” moment where your character has a truly defining hero moment. This is rare.

So, how do you use these fun points? Check it out, but note, you cannot spend more than 1 hero point during a single round of combat:

Act out of Turn: Take a maneuver or action as an incidental action at any point in a combat. Your initiative changes to whenever you choose to act.

Bonus: You can use a Hero Point on a roll instead of a Destiny Point (to either upgrade your dice or upgrade my difficulty).

Extra Action: Spend on your turn to gain an additional maneuver or action.

Inspiration: Gain a hint from the GM.

Reroll: Reroll any one roll you’ve just made. You must take the second roll.

Special: Pitch me an idea. Make it cool. You’ll often have to make a difficulty roll to actually achieve this, but if you want to do something that would be cool for the story but doesn’t necessarily have rules that allow it to be possible, this is what you could use your hero points for.

Cheat Death: This costs 2 hero points, and how it plays out is up to me. You would use it if your character would take an attack or fail a roll that would kill you, and you somehow survive.

Hero Points

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