Attendance Policy

This game is made to be played not just with a group of people but the group of people that form the party. This is for several reasons. The encounters are designed taking into account the entire party, and even more than that, it’s a story about a group of adventurers. Yes, it’s also a story about how they individually grow and prosper, but mostly it’s about the group. When people miss a part of that story, it’s not as easy as in other RPGs because I can’t just switch to “somebody else’s story”. You’re missing a part of your own story. It’s like, to use a horrible simile, we’re all reading a book together, and you have to skip a chapter of it. When you pick up again with us, we can probably fill you in on that chapter, and you can certainly play along by seeing what happens after, and knowing what happened before – attempting to make up for it through contextual clues. But at the end of the day, you’re never going to get to read that chapter. You won’t get to experience those moments.

My attendance policy is simple: If someone can’t make a session, I will cancel it.

This is a long campaign, and I want us to actually get through it. This means people getting behind the session time, showing up on time, spending some time between sessions to check out the Obsidian Portal and contributing to it, etc, etc…

So show up to sessions, have your stuff ready to go, and we will have THE MOST EPIC OF TIMES.

Attendance Policy

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