Edge of Empire: From Crime to Consequence

Captain's Log Entry 3
I need a better crew

Our trip to Coruscant was more eventful than I would have liked. We got roped into more work for Thakba the Hutt. We’ve managed to piss off Verannis, some sort of under-boss for the Black Sun while trying to track down some schlub who had left Thakba’s employ to work for Black Sun.
While trying to pick up his trail, we ran into some droid revolutionaries who are connected to the ones who revolted on that mine Thakba and Bargas had us investigate. Frakking droids shot me in the back saying R2-B7 sends his regards. Seriously, frak those guys. How did he know we would be there, anyway? I wonder if the revolutionaries are getting info from the Hutts somehow. Working for the Hutts is getting worse by the hour.
Mineth and co left Vet and I stranded at the death stick den. We managed to talk our way past the cops. I need to get a new crew. I’m pretty sure they all have outstanding warrants. After some idiotic misadventures in some of the worst parts of Coruscant – I didn’t know a Core World could get that shady – we managed to track down Kaa’to.
I can’t wait to finish this job, and put as much distance as possible between me and the Hutts, and find some work that doesn’t have malfunctioning droids shooting at me.

Ying's Journal, Episode 3

Sloane’s one bad bitch, at least that’s what I hear. Nothing gets past her. Nothing escapes her. Youngest Captain ever, and she really feels like there’s something to prove cuz of it. I used to look up to her, used to wanna get real good real fast so I wouldn’t have to take orders all the time.

But people change.

I never kicked myself so hard for skipping lectures as I did trying to figure a hyperspace route out of here. I’m not gonna let them court-martial me. I’m not gonna let them kill me. And I’m not gonna let them take Threebie.

Jie Ying
Rae Sloane

Episode 3 #1

The ISD Interrogator floated in space above the city-planet of Coruscant, waiting to interrogate its newest prisoners and report to High Command about their knowledge of the Rebellion. Things were finally going to plan, thought Sloane.

“Captain?” came the voice from the pits, breaking her out of her reverie. It was her Sensors Officer – Kit Talrun – and Sloane prepared to chastise him. It was impossible that sensors would be picking up anything over the skies of Coruscant worthy of interupting an Imperial Captain without going through his immediate superior. She turned to face the young Lieutenant.

“It’s the ship we just tractored in, ma’am,” he said. “The Heart of Corellia. Something’s wrong with our initial scans.”

Sloane’s eyes narrowed. Were these rebels up to something? Was there some sort of bomb aboard? What could possibly concern her Lieutenant enough to bring it to her attention?

“I’ve run the scan three times, ma’am, and the computer keeps getting the registration wrong. It keeps reading ‘Giska Zikri’ and not ‘Heart of Corellia.’ I wouldn’t bring it to your attention, but…” The Lieutenant could tell that his Captain was losing her patience. He needed to make his case. “But there’s an outstanding notice for the Giska Zikri.” He motioned to his console, hoping upon hope that he had escaped Sloane’s wrath.

Episode 3 #2

“Rena, I don’t understand. These are my prisoners. My men will lead the interrogation.” Sloane was frustrated. She’d invited her friend to help with the apprehension of these Rebels, but she was becoming more and more aware that there were secrets she was not privy to; the investigation (and perhaps, the credit) was slipping from her grasp.

“Rae, you know I’d involve you if I had a choice,” Rena replied, looking (Sloane felt) rather smug. “But with the latest records from your scans, we’ve had to classify this matter.” Sloane appreciated that Rena tried to look disappointed. “These Rebels may be involved with the PK issue.”

Sloane didn’t want to even try to pry into what that was, and she sensed her old friend had given her a kindness even to name the classified file. “But Rena, all I’m saying is that at least one member of the Interrogator’s crew should…”

“No. No, Rae. I can’t.” Rena stood up, ending the conversation. “You need to understand and accept this. I’m going to run the interrogations alone. It’s for the best.”

“It’s for the best,” Sloane agreed.

Episode 4: Imperial Custody


It is a time of struggle. The crew of the Heart of Corellia rest uneasy in an Imperial detention center, deep aboard the ISD Interrogator.

Pulled by a tractor beam upon taking off from Coruscant and unable to plot a hyperspace course in time, they yielded to the inevitable and shut down their engines. Now, stripped of their possessions and awaiting interrogation, they prepare for the worst.

As Imperial Commander RENA HARVIX prepares their interrogation, a young officer comes to their cell…

Captain's Log Entry 4
From bad to worse

We got picked up by a star destroyer on our way out from Coruscant. It turns out the ship’s registry isn’t as clean as I’d been told. We sat in a cramped detention cell for a while before the navy decided to start questioning us. They’re looking for something called the holocron, as well as the Legacy of somebody or other. At the time I was more concerned with finding out half my crew was wanted by the Empire for one crime or another, though aside from Jie Ying, who ditched out of the Academy without filing the proper forms to officially drop out of school, they haven’t been forthcoming as to why they’re wanted.

After being tipped off by a rebel infiltrator that there was a rebel general in one of the other detention blocks, we made our escape. Imperial stormtroopers aren’t the best prison wardens the galaxy has ever seen, but chaos and feats of daring do ensued. We rescued General Iblis, and were preparing to make our escape, but some of Thakba’s goons crashed a boarding spike into the star destroyer to rescue us and Kaa’to. We ended conning our way to disable the tractor beams and fought our way out of the docking bay, where – I swear I’m not making this up – Captain Sloane survived a direct hit from a turbolaser battery. I have a sneaking suspicion we haven’t seen the last of her.

We made it back to Hutt space, and dropped off Thakba’s minions, and General Iblis worked out some deal with Thakba to get him out into wild space to search for a long lost fleet of dreadnoughts. Now with the Empire putting out a warrant on me, I’ve got to come up with a plan that keeps us out of their scanners. It way be time to rename the ship again, and get the transponder properly changed this time.

Ying's Journal, Episode 4

“We’re going to take Ying up for questioning.” Kerrick practically yelled over the com. I wanted to scream at him. How could he be so thick? A guy thinks he’s so good, so law abiding he forgets we don’t all have the pleasure. Idiot’s just as likely to get us in trouble as Vet who can’t keep his mouth shut and his blaster in his pants. But still. It was my plan, and damned I was sticking to it. I decided to look meek when we asked for an escort. But really, my blood was racing, boiling through my veins. It all came back. All of it rushing back. I stared at the helmets of the troopers on the lift with us. Did they know me? What did they think, what did they want? Did they really want to be Sloane’s playthings? Didn’t they have any passions?

I managed to hold my cool until we were on the lift. I flicked my eyes at Kerrick and hoped he was clever enough to catch on. Then I shoved forward. Blood rushed in my ears. I elbowed Kerrick and the other troopers lunged forward, letting me grab at their belts and snatch a frag grenade off it as Kerrick hit the emergency stop button. And that moment. They were silent. And I screamed. And sweat dripped down my back and my breath was ragged and my eyes were wide and I was in control. And I stared into their eyeless helmets and I knew they couldn’t be happy taking orders because this, this was power. This was the only way you could live because otherwise someone was going to tell you what to wear and what to do and what to think. It doesn’t matter if they say you’re insurrectional or unhinged because they’re just trying to keep you from knowing the truth. If you have to scream and hit and tear them apart you do it so they don’t control you.

Honestly, I was a little disappointed I didn’t drop that grenade.

Jie Ying
Kerrik Vol

Episode 4, #1

At a grimy, dark, forgotten cantina on Sleheyron, Trex tried to enjoy a Corellian ale in peace. He hated this planet, and he hated being here. He wanted to be out hunting – living the thrill of the chase. It was the only thing that he knew, without a doubt, that his species (the Trandoshans) were better at than anyone else. Finding prey… and eliminating them. And he longed for it.

But no. Despite being granted an opportunity to do just that on the way here, his success had been met with a boring pick-up job in this stupid world. He took another drink from his ale and grumbled, creating a sound like a sort of hissing wheeze. At least he could finish this up quickly and get back to the job he loved.

A shadow briefly covered the neon lights from over the bar and he looked up, to see the tall and muscular form of a Nikto staring down at him. Kaa’to.

“Did you miss me, Trex?” the Nikto asked, calmly, as Trex began wondering if he could grab his blaster rifle before the Nikto could react. “Because I didn’t miss you.”

Trex risked another glance at the rifle. Maybe he could get it if he could keep Kaa’to talking. “Kaa’to!” he hissed. “Of course we misssssss you. When are you coming home?” He gestured while he talked, trying to hide his movement toward the rifle.

“You know what, Trex?” Kaa’to said, coldly. “I don’t even know why I bothered with small talk.” He fired his blaster, and a hole appeared in Trex’s chest. His hunt was over.

Episode 5: Long Arm of the Hutt


Trapped by the Galactic Empire, the crew of the Heart of Corellia escape through an asteroid field with the help of Rebel General Garm Bel Iblis and Thakba the Hutt.

Uniting the two unlikely allies, the crew searches for a way to stay one step ahead of selling their souls to the slithering Hutts.

Meanwhile, Thakba the Hutt discovers who informed the Empire of their mission to Coruscant and invites the crew to discuss the destruction of his most hated rival, TEEMO THE HUTT

Captain's Log Entry 5
more damn Hutts

Thakba the Hutt got a lead on who sold us out to the Empire back at Coruscant. He blames Teemo the Hutt (seriously, these guys need better epitaphs… do the Hutts not believe in last names?) Thakba sent us to do some snooping around to get some evidence we can use against Teemo, because Teemo works under Jabba, and Thakba didn’t want to risk a direct conflict. Long story short: we discovered Teemo was trying to get ahold of some battle droids, which apparently was enough to get Jabba to come down on him like a ton of bantha fodder.


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