Edge of Empire: From Crime to Consequence

Captain's Log Entry 7
Another Fine Mess

After our aquatic landing we were in rough shape. Ying was able to keep the ship moving while we were underwater long enough to make our way into the hangar bay of a crashed star destroyer. I was amazed it was still air tight, and we were able to walk around most of the ship. Whatever brought it down left it in one piece. That wasn’t the only surprise it held. Some multitentacled creature had taken up residence inside the derelict, and for whatever reason it took a liking to my crew. Fortunately, shooting tentacles turns out to be a rather specific skillset I didn’t know I had.
The second surprise was there was one last passenger who didn’t evacuate when the ship went down. We found a guy in a stasis pod who claimed to be a Jedi. I’m don’t entirely buy his story – there’s plenty fishy about this set up. Like why would the crew of the Star Destroyer abandon a generally functional ship.
We managed to get the star destroyer up and flying long enough to be a diversion/battering ram against the Imperial frigate that was in orbit. We managed to get back to Nar Shadda ahead of the Imperial forces. We returned to our Hutt “benefactor” to find him in meeting with none other than Luke Skywalker, the most wanted man in the galaxy. As if we didn’t have enough Imperial attention as it was.

Padawan Syllus’ Journal Entry #2
Enemy of my Enemy

Commander Skywalker is not Anakin. He is apparently a leader of some sort of the Rebellion against the Empire. The crew of The Heart of Corellia, to which it seems I might as well be assigned, seemed at least amicable to helping this Skywalker. Though some still seem hesitant. Ms. Ying particularly, calling him a terrorist. He was nervous, but it seemed more nervous that we would fail to achieve the goal of alleviating the fears of Jabba that Hutt that he has a bounty on his head put on him by Gorga the Hutt. It seems he believes there is a bounty on his head by an assassin droid designation IG-88. Skywalkers’ reaction to seeing my lightsaber seemed to be an usual one. Taken aback. I’m not sure I can trust him, though it’s possible that he just hasn’t seen one. If no one is collecting crystals from Illum as part of the Jedi training than it’s possible I have the only one that is known about.

The crew and I traveled down to Nal Hutta to speak with Gorga the Hutt, which despite having access to Nal Hutta was no small feat. After Captain Vol decided that an astromech droid designation R2-B7 needed immediate disposal, causing much commotion, the crew was split into two groups. I followed the lead of Ms. Ying and 3B attempting to blend into the crowd, figuring at the very least some of us could accomplish our goals here. Ms Ying managed to work out a deal for some cargo, the other group worked out a deal with the Black Sun. After significant “discussion” the crew decided to alleviate the crate from this ship. I had hoped my presence would allow us to get the crate with no innocent casualties.

Luckily, despite the planning phase no being exactly long, the plan didn’t go so badly. We did manage to get the crate, the meeting and no one died. Gorga was more than willing to give us the location of IG-88, who was in fact on Nal Hutta. Upon arriving Ms Mineth stayed back with the ship in case our target decided to flee. Turns out this was important, as we made our way through the abandoned palace Ms. Mineth messaged us over comlink, IG-88 was making his way to his ship. As I finished off the rest of the guard droids the rest of the crew made their way to the ship, leaving me behind. While they were gone I had a look around, finding basically nothing left in the place except a Comterminal I did some poking around. The Force was without a doubt with me, on my second attempt I made my way into the system. There was a message from R2-B7 to IG-88 about freeing Gorga’s droids. This wasn’t about either of the Hutts directly at all. Their paranoia had gotten the best of them. I sent the message to each of the Hutts. After hearing the crash of a ship not far from the palace the crew returned safely. Although the ship was a little worse for wear.

We had secured Jabba’s help in defending Nal Hutta and Nar Shadda from Operation Scimitar. Commander Skywalker was pleased, as were the Hutts. The adventure out has made me form an opinion of this crew. The Captain Vol is rash, he makes emotional decisions. Mr. Cubar is unpredictable, most of the time he seems to want to resort to violence though. Ms. Mineth is a capable pilot if not a bit distracted, but seems to have a good heart. Ms. Ying has quite the emotional attachment to 3B, and while hating the Empire pretty thoroughly seems to not like the Rebellion either. 7-A3B seems to have some sort of connection to the Empire.

As for my own opinions on the matter, I’m not really sure yet. On one side from what I have heard it seems there is a lot of distrust of the Empire. There is also the matter of a Skywalker that is part of the Rebellion, but it’s been so long I’m unsure that means anything. Futhermore I’m told jedi are hunted by the Empire, so that would seem to make my decision for me. It’s odd being an outlaw. I’m used to arriving in places and getting a referential type treatment that comes with a jedi. It’s strange to have to hide who I am.

Episode 8: Enemy of my Enemy


Returning to Nar Shaddaa with dire news of imminent invasion, the crew of the Heart of Corellia have quickly moved to spread this warning, to both Rebel leadership and the Hutt council.

Solidifying his alliance with the Rebellion, Thakba the Hutt has brought Rebel Commander LUKE SKYWALKER into his audience chamber, to discuss the coming Imperial attack with his agents.

As internal Hutt Council factionalism threatens to leave their efforts in shambles, Commander Skywalker looks to diplomacy…


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