Edge of Empire: From Crime to Consequence

Ying Journal, Pre-Campaign

Entry 1

It’s been surreal lately, almost like nothing’s even changed since I was growing up. I wake up when I want, I tinker with whatever I want, and I go wherever I want. More like home than the Academy ever was. I don’t think I’ve been so happy since Ma was with that Orion guy. He was a real idiot, always crashing his speeder and fucking up things on Ma’s ship. But man, I never spent so much time fixing things as I did then, so he was a keeper in my book. Now it’s just me and Threebie. Well, and those guys who hired us about a month ago. The human seems alright, but I’m not sure about the other two. But credits are credits, and we’ve got to eat something. That Bothan, she’s always on about something or another, the way they tend to. I can’t make heads or tails of what she’s saying, it’s like she’s not talking in chronological order. Terric, he’s kicked my ass at Sabbac so many times I’ve lost count. I keep playing him, though. I think he wants to be a real clean guy, but no one’s clean who plays Sabbac that well. Poor guy, it’s not his fault. Guess I wouldn’t complain if he wanted to turn over a new leaf and start losing a few games, I could win back some credits and some pride. That Vet, he never plays with us. Which ruins my Sabbac theory, since he’s definitely not a nice guy. He’s a right piece of work. Musta been the Bothan decided to hire him, he’s not the kind any present-minded person would get tangled up with. Voluntarily, anyway. Guess I’ll keep to myself, chat with Threebie. Just like it always has been.

Jie Ying

Pre-Campaign #2

“Contact on sensors, bearing three-five-two, angle two-seven!” shouted Sensors Officer Talrun from the pit, catching the immediate attention of his pit leader and the rest of the bridge of the Imperial Star Destroyer Interrogator. Immediately, the crew began to scurry, analyzing this new contact to see what had appeared on sensors.

One officer not concerned was Captain Rae Sloane. “Very well, Lieutenant,” she dryly noted, taking a look at the YT-1300 freighter filling her holovid. “Bring us about and contact the freighter. Hold all fighters in their bays; I don’t think we’ll need them today.”

It had been a quiet patrol, but a necessary one. With the lost of the Death Star and Grand Moff Tarken, Sloane – one of the few people in the Empire who truly knew what the Rebellion had just destroyed – was as eager as anyone to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice. Unfortunately, she equally knew that, popular though they were, the trade routes through Fornos were unlikely to be where the Rebels would flee. Nevertheless, she understood that all avenues of escape had to be watched.

“Approaching freighter, this is the ISD Interrogator. Please transmit your identification and manifest and come alongside.” The cool, crisp voice of her comms officer brought her out of her momentary reverie, and she watched the freighter react to the news. Her holovid updated happily – “Heart of Corellia out of Teth, carrying water for sale.”

“Direct the freighter to the surface and let the authorities there interrogate them,” she said. “I don’t think this is who we’re looking for, but they should be able to handle it.”

She turned her attention back to the sensors grid and frowned. Where are you, Luke Skywalker… where are you…

Pre-Campaign #1

Sar Shidom sighed as he hefted the last crate of water onto the aging “Heart of Corellia.” He looked over the rows and rows of liquid and tried to forget just how much water weighed. Even with repulsorlifts to get it onto the ship, a strong dockworker like Sar was needed to slot the crates into place, and he wasn’t about to let the poor freighter captain of the Heart take his precious ’lifts.

“That’s the last one,” he said, heading down the ramp toward a coworker. “Looks like we can take five before loading up the next one.”

The young Rodian to his right – who Sar noted had been conspiciously absence through most of the actual loading – immediately kicked his feet up and relaxed. “Where’s this hulk going, anyway? Another Teth-to-Fornos water-run?”

“Yeah,” Sar acknowledged. “Good money to made in giving water to thirsty people, I hear. Though I don’t know how good an idea it is. Empire’s cracking down over that business last week in the holovids; some sort of terrorist attack. Hear they’re especially worked up in systems close to the Kessel Run, like Fornos.” He sat down and pulled out a Sabaac deck, idly wondering if he should engage the Rodian in a game. “I would have warned the Captain, but… hauling all that water just took all the giving-a-care out of me.”

“Well, they’ll figure it out once they get there,” the Rodian agreed. “Those poor bastards.” He laughed for a bit – a sort of high pitched wheeze through his strange vocal chords – then turned to Sar. “You going to just shuffle that deck, or did you want to play?”


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