Edge of Empire: From Crime to Consequence

Episode 2: Proving Ground


It is a time of new beginnings. The crew of the HEART OF CORELLIA, having defeated a notorious criminal terrorizing the planet Formos, have collected a bounty from Thakba the Hutt.

Meanwhile, in orbit over Kessel, Captain Rae Sloane discoveres secrets of the group’s past, and begins to suspect an involvement with the Rebellion.

Ignorant of Imperial attention, the crew receives a messenger from Thakba the Hutt, seeking a meeting…

Captain's Log
First Entry

The first run of the Heart of Corellia did not go as smoothly as planned. We touched down on Foros as scheduled, and that’s when things went pear shaped.

First our ship was impounded. The Imperial Navy was having some trouble with their scanners, and we were stuck planet side with our cargo stuck in the spaceport until the cargo could be cleared, but we were free to spend time in the city.

We visited a local cantina hoping to come up with a plan B when I first heard word that Callum had been in the area, and once again gotten in over his head chasing after some local ne’er-do-well hoping to score a bounty. A brawl broke out with some local toughs. Vet is handy in a fight, though he seems trigger happy at times. As the fighting broke out, one of the local thugs ran out the door, but I lost him in the crowd. After another run-in with some of their friends, we were able to track down an astromech droid that lead us to the asteroid where Callum ended up being held.

After convincing the officer in charge of impound to release our ship so we could pursue the fugitives, Some sort of caustic goop left over from space slugs lined the tunnels of the cave. After a brief firefight we were able to rescue Callum, capture the fugitive, and impound some ill gotten cargo.

Episode 1 #2

Captain Sloane cut the transmission with Formos. She hated speaking to that Sergeant, and she hated him more for what he had just told her. The Heart of Corellia had been released from impound, and she had reason to believe that Sergeant Garnis had been bribed to make it happen. Though he assured her that the crew had stated an intention to make directly for Kessel, to turn in a bounty, a quick comm to the station commander there had made it clear that no such journey had been taken.

Sloane tapped her fingers together. How were these things connected? A group of criminals – tied together in ways she couldn’t begin to imagine – and a Bothan with no real record or past, passing through the system she was blockading just as the Rebellion struck out against the Empire and killed the Grand Moff. Could they be connected? Could these be rebel agents? She didn’t know, and it vexed her to no end.

If she acted, and there was no connection, she would be chastised for the misuse of her Star Destroyer to chase down common criminals, but at least she could exaggerate their crimes to High Command. If she didn’t act, and there was a connection… she thought for a moment of the horrors that the Emperor’s enforcer, Darth Vader, might impose on her, and shuddered.

“Orders, Captain?” her second in command asked, noticing her in thought. “Are we going to pursue the criminals? Perhaps they went after the other bounty, the one offered by the Hutts?”

Sloane raised an eyebrow at the news. The Hutts. Maybe there was a better solution. “No, Commander,” she said, calmly. “To catch criminals hiding in a den of thieves, it is better to use thieves.” She turned to her comm officer.

“Get me a connection with the planet Rodia.”

Voice Recording #1 Vet Cubar

Perhaps I made a mistake rolling with this ‘Heart of Corellia" crew. Sure the pay day in the end was great but the work getting there was miserable. They squabble and bicker when there is work to be done. Sometimes these civilians need to just sit back and trust the Rodian with the blaster, or they may find themselves on the business end.
I am very pleased the huts took me in with open arms, I need more allies to keep Clan Rook off my back if they are still kicking around. Maybe if I do a few favors for them they’ll make sure a few Rook members get knocked off.
Ack apparently we need to help clean the stupid ship, or the stupid droids will not start their non stop whining… Need to invest in restraining bolt.

7-A3B's Log : 1421348400

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require 'logUtility', log.parse(Droid.root.join('personal/1421348400')), Basic: true, Output:

… While the transaction at Formos did not go strictly according to plan, for once that meant things went better than expected. We are now in possession of an unexpected windfall, or indeed several such windfalls, and even faced the unfamiliar circumstance of having to choose how best to liquidate our larcenous gains. I am extremely satisfied with our choice, even if it does mean throwing in our lot with a detestable Hutt; their kind may be noisome, but they are also (often as not) tediously predictable. Of greater concern to me personally is our recent encounter with a so-called “emancipated” droid; I am never on solid ground when dealing with adherents of this dangerous and radical ideology, and generally have to access my bilious subroutines to keep my discomfiture from showing. Still and all, our dealings with the individual in question do seem to have concluded for the present, so perhaps I am anxious over nothing …

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Episode 1 #1

They were four hours into hyperspace when her operations officer commed her, requesting that she return to the bridge. Captain Sloane scowled. She had just settled into her quarters for the evening, and couldn’t imagine any crisis that would demand her attention in hyperspace – and not cause them to also drop out. Sighing and reminding herself that the Empire’s work was never done, she slid out of bed and threw on her uniform.

“Report, Lieutenant,” she called out as the bridge crew snapped to attention at her arrival. The bridge seemed to be a buzz of productive activity, despite the boring transit. Good.

“Well, ma’am, it seems…” A pause. A nervous pause. Sloane frowned again. “Remember that freighter from Formos? The one we passed over to the local garrison? Well, THEY bounced back the personnel scan to us, and I’ve just completed it.”

Sloane was getting less and less amused by his hesitations. “… and?” she asked.

“Well…” he began, and then showed her the datapad. Sloane’s eyes widened.

Mad Phat L00tz

This is what I know I recovered from the last encounter, this is not every last piece(some pieces of armor and pistols were left.)
heavy blaster
vibro ax
heavy clothing
padded armor x4
vibro knife x3
shock gloves
535 credits, loot
200 credits, water sales
7,800 credits, glowstim
5,00 credits, bounty
13535 credits total-2707 credits per person(not including sold goods)

Ying's Journal, Episode 1
Imperial Nightmares

Entry 2

The human, I jabbed at him and broke his nose and sent him stumbling back, blood running down the back of the hand on his face, through his fingers. But the weequay didn’t even flinch when my knuckles hit his jaw. There was a moment of pure rage, then his vibroknife cut into me. I felt my knees give out as I lost blood and consciousness. I dreamed I was back at the Academy. I dreamed we hadn’t left, that they’d come to my room before I finished packing up my things to go. That the officer had reached forward and twisted my head until my neck snapped, and Threebie picked me up and ran. The alarm screeched and the students oozed from the pores of their dormitories into the hallway where their razor wire hands tore pieces from Threebie’s body. I tried to scream but my mouth wouldn’t open. Then they started tearing at my flesh, but my limbs turned to ash where they clawed. Then the officer grabbed me by my twisted head and stabbed his bootknife into my arm.
I woke up with Threebie administering me a stimpack. I’ve never been so glad to see him all in one piece. Funny, with so many people pointing guns at me, nothing’s more terrifying than an Imperial with a datapad threatening to look up my identity.

Jie Ying

Episode 1: From Low Beginnings


It is a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have destroyed the Empire’s greatest battlestation.

Tightening their grip, the Empire has sent out its Navy to blockade the galaxy, in a dual effort to track down and crush the newly inspired Rebellion and to find Luke Skywalker.

On the dry Outer Rim world of FORMOS, a group of smugglers and criminals are caught in the Empire’s web and forced into Imperial custody…

Pre-Campaign #3

Sergeant Lam Garnis hated paperwork. He hated smugglers. He hated being thirsty. And he hated Fornos. One terrible, dry, hot, miserable rock with no real action to speak of, no chance for glory, and no chance to ever be removed from this purgatory. He dreamed of going back a few years – maybe he could have done better on his army exams; maybe he would’ve ignored that officer’s wife. But it was over now, and Fornos was his punishment.

The outpost was tiny and insignificant, but at least it had the virtue of being left mostly alone. Lam knew the smugglers who frequented this trashheap, and they and he left each other alone. But that had all changed a few days ago, with the arrival of the ISD Interrogator and Captain Sloane. Now she was ferrying down “prisoners” for him to check into – people who were probably smugglers and cargo freighters, and a gigantic waste of his time to garrison.

His comlink beeped, and Lam sighed. Another ship. Some YT-1300. The Heart of Corellia. He rolled his eyes and leaned over to his second in command. “Corporal,” he said, lazily, then shouted when the other seemed to have dozed off. “Corporal! Impound the ship and ferry our new guests to the holding cells. Run their identities through the database.”

The young corporal waited until Lam’s eyes were turned, then made a “talking” gesture with one hand to indicate his high opinion of the critical nature of the command. Then, with a show of fatigue, got up to escort the prisoners to the brig for questioning.

Lam closed his eyes and rubbed his temples. Just ten more years to retirement. He grabbed a glass of water. Ten thirsty years.


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