Edge of Empire: From Crime to Consequence

Episode 3 #2

“Rena, I don’t understand. These are my prisoners. My men will lead the interrogation.” Sloane was frustrated. She’d invited her friend to help with the apprehension of these Rebels, but she was becoming more and more aware that there were secrets she was not privy to; the investigation (and perhaps, the credit) was slipping from her grasp.

“Rae, you know I’d involve you if I had a choice,” Rena replied, looking (Sloane felt) rather smug. “But with the latest records from your scans, we’ve had to classify this matter.” Sloane appreciated that Rena tried to look disappointed. “These Rebels may be involved with the PK issue.”

Sloane didn’t want to even try to pry into what that was, and she sensed her old friend had given her a kindness even to name the classified file. “But Rena, all I’m saying is that at least one member of the Interrogator’s crew should…”

“No. No, Rae. I can’t.” Rena stood up, ending the conversation. “You need to understand and accept this. I’m going to run the interrogations alone. It’s for the best.”

“It’s for the best,” Sloane agreed.

Episode 3 #1

The ISD Interrogator floated in space above the city-planet of Coruscant, waiting to interrogate its newest prisoners and report to High Command about their knowledge of the Rebellion. Things were finally going to plan, thought Sloane.

“Captain?” came the voice from the pits, breaking her out of her reverie. It was her Sensors Officer – Kit Talrun – and Sloane prepared to chastise him. It was impossible that sensors would be picking up anything over the skies of Coruscant worthy of interupting an Imperial Captain without going through his immediate superior. She turned to face the young Lieutenant.

“It’s the ship we just tractored in, ma’am,” he said. “The Heart of Corellia. Something’s wrong with our initial scans.”

Sloane’s eyes narrowed. Were these rebels up to something? Was there some sort of bomb aboard? What could possibly concern her Lieutenant enough to bring it to her attention?

“I’ve run the scan three times, ma’am, and the computer keeps getting the registration wrong. It keeps reading ‘Giska Zikri’ and not ‘Heart of Corellia.’ I wouldn’t bring it to your attention, but…” The Lieutenant could tell that his Captain was losing her patience. He needed to make his case. “But there’s an outstanding notice for the Giska Zikri.” He motioned to his console, hoping upon hope that he had escaped Sloane’s wrath.

Ying's Journal, Episode 3

Sloane’s one bad bitch, at least that’s what I hear. Nothing gets past her. Nothing escapes her. Youngest Captain ever, and she really feels like there’s something to prove cuz of it. I used to look up to her, used to wanna get real good real fast so I wouldn’t have to take orders all the time.

But people change.

I never kicked myself so hard for skipping lectures as I did trying to figure a hyperspace route out of here. I’m not gonna let them court-martial me. I’m not gonna let them kill me. And I’m not gonna let them take Threebie.

Jie Ying
Rae Sloane

Captain's Log Entry 3
I need a better crew

Our trip to Coruscant was more eventful than I would have liked. We got roped into more work for Thakba the Hutt. We’ve managed to piss off Verannis, some sort of under-boss for the Black Sun while trying to track down some schlub who had left Thakba’s employ to work for Black Sun.
While trying to pick up his trail, we ran into some droid revolutionaries who are connected to the ones who revolted on that mine Thakba and Bargas had us investigate. Frakking droids shot me in the back saying R2-B7 sends his regards. Seriously, frak those guys. How did he know we would be there, anyway? I wonder if the revolutionaries are getting info from the Hutts somehow. Working for the Hutts is getting worse by the hour.
Mineth and co left Vet and I stranded at the death stick den. We managed to talk our way past the cops. I need to get a new crew. I’m pretty sure they all have outstanding warrants. After some idiotic misadventures in some of the worst parts of Coruscant – I didn’t know a Core World could get that shady – we managed to track down Kaa’to.
I can’t wait to finish this job, and put as much distance as possible between me and the Hutts, and find some work that doesn’t have malfunctioning droids shooting at me.

Episode 3: Under a Black Sun


It is a dark time for the galaxy. The city of Coruscant, once the glittering pearl of the Republic, now languishes under the shadow of the Galactic Empire. A bustling black market flourishes in the underworld, controlled by the notorious crime syndicate BLACK SUN.

Hired to infiltrate a Black Sun outpost and retrieve vital data on a bounty hunter who betrayed Thakba the Hutt, the crew of the Heart of Corellia works rapidly to access the heavily encryted Black Sun network.

As Jie Ying’s equipment reports the completion of the download, an alarm begins to sound…

Captain's Log Entry 2

We’re still in Hutt Space. We got roped into running an errand for Thakba to check up (spy) on one of his associates named Bargas who recently won a mine from him in a a card game. Bargas in turn had us check out said mine. We arrived to find the terraforming and life support systems being sabotaged by a group of renegade droids who had killed most of the miners and imprisoned the rest. We manage to put down the uprising, and keep the droids from completely destroying the life support systems.

We reported back to both Hutts in such a way that should keep us out of their debts, as well as hopefully keeping us from getting pulled into any of their feuds as their lackeys. I can’t wait to be back in Imperial space.

Just once I would like a job to go off without the crew bickering and squabbling like children. Let’s face it, I’m well past hoping things will go off without going sideways. From how he’s talked about his clan, I’m sure Vet would sell us out the first time it made his life slightly convenient.

Vet Audio Log #2

You need to chose a damn side. I need steady good paying employment for a few years to really get my name out there as a good bounty hunter and a person others can come to for payment in solving problems. The crew doesn’t see that they think short term not wanting to get involved happy to scrape by on whatever low level jobs the hutts will throw there way. I want bigger missions….

Clan Rook is sill a thorn in my side. Not surprised they threw in with the Empire more heavily, they have no backbone will be happy to grovel at their new masters feet. Need to keep an eye open for more subtle ways to deal with them. This crew can’t seem to make ties with the hutt or get it through their thick skulls about how some people break ties. Too damn in the middle sometimes if you ask me.

Episode 2 #2

Rena closed her eyes and tried to ignore the buzzing sound coming from her commlink. She didn’t want to acknowledge it. Her silk sheets wrapped around her in a smooth and warm cocoon of pleasure, and she had no desire to either leave that embrace or admit that she would need to wake to face whatever was demanding her attention.

Sighing, she clicked the receiver and listened to the crackling sound of her protocol droid, waiting for her on the other side of the bulkhead door.

Sloane? Rae Sloane? Rena couldn’t believe it. It had been ages since she had last heard from Rae. They had been friends since the Academy, but ever since Sloane had made Captain, it had been hard to get in touch. She wondered what it could be about. “Ok,” she mumbled into the commlink. “Give me a few minutes to get my uniform on.” She slid out of bed and padded, naked, over to her closet.

Slowly and deliberately, she changed into her uniform. Technically, Rena’s rank of Commander was exceeded by her old friend, but there were a thousand little touches – the quality of the fabric, the exacting tailoring, the shine on her code cylinders – that indicates that Rena occupied a unique and privileged position in society.

Outside the door, Rena’s personal assistant – her protocol droid – heard very little of the conversation, but snapped to a form of attention as it ended and Rena flew past. “I’m heading out to check up on some things, Tee-Three,” she said, dismissing the droid. “While I’m out, run a search for all reported stolen Imperial Automata droids.”

And then she was gone. “Well, I never…” the protocol droid muttered to itself. “I will never understand humans. Never.”

Episode 2 #1

A good Captain could always tell when something was amiss. The way the chatter in the pits came across differently, or the way the briefing officer walked up, clipboard in hand. Rae Sloane was a good Captain, and she knew something was wrong.

“No report from the Rodians, ma’am,” came the report from the young officer, who seemed to shrink as he turned away from her glare.

No report, Sloane thought. So they were almost certainly dead. Dead at the hands of these fugitives from Formos. A nothing world. A backwards nonentity. Why had it attracted this crew? Why were they popping up just after the destruction of the Death Star? Something didn’t make any sense. But Sloane was beginning to be convinced – her picket had been breached by active agents of the Rebellion, and if she let them slip, it would be her career. Or worse.

“Lieutenant,” she said, already turning. “If these criminals are operating in this area, then they are connected in some way with the Hutts. Contact our agents and find out which they’re in bed with. Find out everything you can about this crew.” The young man saluted and turned to rely the orders to a pit crew.

“And Lieutenant – contact Rena Harvix on holo and transfer her to my room.” Sloane turned to leave the bridge. It was time to stop taking this matter casually.

Ying's Journal, Episode 2

Ying’s Journal #3

That Droid’s Rights Movement, they’re really something. Went an killed all the miners they were working with, seems kind of petty really. Then again, not like I’d really blame them. Things like this, I wonder what Threebie thinks about it. He wouldn’t say much, got real quiet when I asked. I didn’t want to push, he mighta been real cut up about it. I don’t know too much about Threebie’s life before I built him up at the academy. I’m a little sick at the idea that someone mighta mistreated him. An then here I am, building him up with scrap parts and asking him to run away with me, out to the outer rim. I dragged my best friend out to this pathetic life. I built him a junk body. I wish there was more I could do. Threebie didn’t ask for any of this, but here I am giving him no choice but to go traipsing around with me. At least I know he does it as a free droid. As my friend.

Jie Ying


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