Sheev Palpatine

Emperor of the Galaxy


Almost always cloaked in his trademark black robes – pulled over his head to hide the disfiguring wounds he suffered during the Jedi coup some twenty years before – the Emperor of the galaxy projects strength and power, despite his age and need for a cane.


Once an unprepossessing Senator from the Outer Rim colony of Naboo, a series of strange and lucky coincidences propelled him to the office of the Grand Chancellor. Faced with the ongoing threat of the Clone Wars, Chancellor Palpatine reorganized the galactic government to handle the threat and, in the wake of a terrifying attempt by the Jedi Order to seize control of the Republic, created the Galactic Empire, the most powerful ruling body ever seen in the galaxy.

Under Emperor Palpatine’s wise leadership, the galaxy has recovered from the turmoil of the Clone Wars and late Republic-era, and embraced peace and prosperity.

Sheev Palpatine

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