Rae Sloane

Captain of the ISD Interrogator


A confident and capable Imperial Captain in her early 40s.


Famous for the young age in which she received her command, Sloane was promoted shortly after uncovering a plot to destroy resources vital to the Empire. She was sent to the Outer Rim to support Grand Moff Tarkin’s efforts, and it is not expected she will remain long at this post, now that he is gone – she’s far too capable for the backwater.
Sloane has a reputation for being straight laced as well as capable. Few have been able to bribe or threaten her, an uncommon trait in an Imperial officer. Still, wild rumors circle through the Imperial Academies, students and officers alike. Almost everyone in the Imperial Navy has at least heard of the young Captain. The rumors all seem to agree that she is unflinching in her use of force against enemies of the Empire.

Rae Sloane

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