Kerrik Vol

The respectable one


The human face representing the Heart of Corellia


Born in the slums of Socorro, Kerric longed to rise above the scum and villains he grew up among, and gain prominence like the important people he’d see on the holonet. Lacking the book smarts to enter the Imperial Academy, he figured his next best bet was to find his way off world, and put as much distance between himself and Socorro as possible.

Escaping Socorro was mostly a pipe dream until his younger brother Callum find himself in over his head with a local crime boss. In exchange for taking a Bothan off world on a ship that he was assured had a clean registration, Callum’s debt to the crime syndicate would be wiped clean. A mechanic looking to travel was easy enough to hire, and when they found themselves headed towards Hutt space on a water run, finding a hired gun also proved straight forward. After that, things got a lot less simple.

Kerrik Vol

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