Bey Mineth

Bothan pilot who's impatiently trying to get /somewhere./


At 5’2", Bey is short even for a bothan. She is lithe and quick and almost constantly on the move, tapping or twitching or playing at invisible starship controls when forced to sit still. The young (26) bothan has dark brown to black fur, short except for a sort of graying mane between her slender ears and, of course, a carefully trimmed beard.
She wears a gray or purple pilot’s jumpsuit almost all the time, usually with some sort of scarf around her neck and numerous pockets of one sort of another on her person.


With the possible exception of Karik, no one in the party knows much about where Bey came from. She admits to being born on Bothawui, but when pressed about how she ended up with Karik Bey either tells a ridiculous story (different every time) or flat out tells you “That’s my information. You don’t have a right to know it, yet.” Recalling how important information is to the Bothan culture, you might or might not press her further.

What you do know is that Bey unabashedly refers to the Heart of Corellia as her ship, even occasionally calling it the Zikri. When asked about this Bey sinks down into whatever chair she’s in or a standing slump, crosses her arms, flattens her ears, and tells you in a practiced monotone about how useful it is to have a human captain with the empire about.

Bey Mineth

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