Edge of Empire: From Crime to Consequence

Ying's Journal, Episode 1

Imperial Nightmares

Entry 2

The human, I jabbed at him and broke his nose and sent him stumbling back, blood running down the back of the hand on his face, through his fingers. But the weequay didn’t even flinch when my knuckles hit his jaw. There was a moment of pure rage, then his vibroknife cut into me. I felt my knees give out as I lost blood and consciousness. I dreamed I was back at the Academy. I dreamed we hadn’t left, that they’d come to my room before I finished packing up my things to go. That the officer had reached forward and twisted my head until my neck snapped, and Threebie picked me up and ran. The alarm screeched and the students oozed from the pores of their dormitories into the hallway where their razor wire hands tore pieces from Threebie’s body. I tried to scream but my mouth wouldn’t open. Then they started tearing at my flesh, but my limbs turned to ash where they clawed. Then the officer grabbed me by my twisted head and stabbed his bootknife into my arm.
I woke up with Threebie administering me a stimpack. I’ve never been so glad to see him all in one piece. Funny, with so many people pointing guns at me, nothing’s more terrifying than an Imperial with a datapad threatening to look up my identity.

Jie Ying



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