Edge of Empire: From Crime to Consequence

Ying's Journal #7

I have never felt so angry. They think they can come and take my best friend from me. But he’s not. theirs. I found him in the scrap heap. I gave him a body. I talked with him, joked with him, cried with him. He is my. droid. That Harvix is getting to be a whole lot of trouble. I wouldn’t shed a tear if she were gone. I just can’t get how she’s always on us. How they all are. I came out here to get away from it. If there’s one place a deserter can go, it’s hutt space. But it looks like that ain’t true anymore.
If we’re not gonna be able to run, looks like we’re gonna have to turn around and put our fists up. Nobody. Fucks. With. My. Droid.

Jie Ying
Rena Harvix



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