Edge of Empire: From Crime to Consequence

Ying's Journal

What were we up to, again?

Ying’s Journal

We’d agreed we weren’t gonna get all wrapped up in this hutt business any more than we already were. But things never work how you want them. Thakba the Hutt sent us on some wild hutt chase to get us to undermine his rival, Teemo. We couldn’t just kill him, cuz I guess that ain’t how hutts work. Nah, we had to get all wrapped up in it. It’s like talking to a superior officer when you’re the only one knows what’s going on: you gotta make them think it’s their idea. It’s that way with hutts, gotta look like they took care of it themselves. I guess. Or maybe I’ve got it all wrapped up wrong.

So that’s how it goes and how it went. We found his lackey, some Transdoshian flying in a ship smelled worse than the never-cleaned back alley of a nightclub. I got into his flight records and saw he was flying to a couple of places. So we traipsed around, got took in with some revolutionaries on Ryloth. They had us front as weapons dealers fronting as soup dealers, which was an even less clever cover than pretty much every time I tried to convince my CO I wasn’t hungover, and that’s really saying something. But we got a lead.

The bit where we broke into Teemo’s place, that was where things got rough. We had to get the data to prove he was skimming from Jabba, who I guess is some kinda big deal in hutt politics. For our standards, it went spectacular. An then we went an’ gave the data to Jabba’s guy, an’ then Teemo got whatever he had coming to him. An it all looked like it was the hutts’ idea.

Unfortunately, it was also the hutts’ idea to reward us. When we got back, we found out Thakba was movin’ up in the hutt ranks or some shit. He got a new place to stay, and so did we. Guess we got apartments nice and close to the boss hutt now. Things never do work out right, not when hutts are involved.



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