Edge of Empire: From Crime to Consequence

Spirit of the Republic Holocron Entry #1765

A strangely calm mirialan appears as the holocron is activated. The sounds of explosions and a siren can be heard in the background

My name is Padawan Tybor Syllus, this may be the last entry into this holocron. We have taken heavy damage from some Vulture Droids on a rear docking bay. I am unable to get to the other docks, where ships are being used to evacuate. If I survive the initial crash it appears as though I will be in the ocean. If someone sees this holocron and no one has survived let the Council know that it is Dooku and the separatists behind the Hutt child’s kidnapping. Control of the Outer Rim is at stake. If we lose passage through Hutt controlled space …

At this point you hear the bending of metal and the picture goes out.



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