Edge of Empire: From Crime to Consequence

Mad Phat L00tz


This is what I know I recovered from the last encounter, this is not every last piece(some pieces of armor and pistols were left.)
heavy blaster
vibro ax
heavy clothing
padded armor x4
vibro knife x3
shock gloves
535 credits, loot
200 credits, water sales
7,800 credits, glowstim
5,00 credits, bounty
13535 credits total-2707 credits per person(not including sold goods)


Can I wear armor? How much encumbrance is it? (I might buy a backpack and wear it anyway, if I can.)
I’m also interested in the vibro knife.

Mad Phat L00tz

You can wear armor. Here’s the stats:

Heavy Clothing:
Defense 0, Soak +1, Encumbrance 1

Padded Armor:
Defense 0, Soak +2, Encumbrance 2

Mad Phat L00tz

I would love:

-Padded Armor (looks like enough for us all minus Brady, who has better armor)
-heavy blaster
-my share of da moneyz (dolla dolla bill y’all)

Mad Phat L00tz

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