Edge of Empire: From Crime to Consequence

Episode 3 #2

“Rena, I don’t understand. These are my prisoners. My men will lead the interrogation.” Sloane was frustrated. She’d invited her friend to help with the apprehension of these Rebels, but she was becoming more and more aware that there were secrets she was not privy to; the investigation (and perhaps, the credit) was slipping from her grasp.

“Rae, you know I’d involve you if I had a choice,” Rena replied, looking (Sloane felt) rather smug. “But with the latest records from your scans, we’ve had to classify this matter.” Sloane appreciated that Rena tried to look disappointed. “These Rebels may be involved with the PK issue.”

Sloane didn’t want to even try to pry into what that was, and she sensed her old friend had given her a kindness even to name the classified file. “But Rena, all I’m saying is that at least one member of the Interrogator’s crew should…”

“No. No, Rae. I can’t.” Rena stood up, ending the conversation. “You need to understand and accept this. I’m going to run the interrogations alone. It’s for the best.”

“It’s for the best,” Sloane agreed.



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