Edge of Empire: From Crime to Consequence

Episode 3 #1

The ISD Interrogator floated in space above the city-planet of Coruscant, waiting to interrogate its newest prisoners and report to High Command about their knowledge of the Rebellion. Things were finally going to plan, thought Sloane.

“Captain?” came the voice from the pits, breaking her out of her reverie. It was her Sensors Officer – Kit Talrun – and Sloane prepared to chastise him. It was impossible that sensors would be picking up anything over the skies of Coruscant worthy of interupting an Imperial Captain without going through his immediate superior. She turned to face the young Lieutenant.

“It’s the ship we just tractored in, ma’am,” he said. “The Heart of Corellia. Something’s wrong with our initial scans.”

Sloane’s eyes narrowed. Were these rebels up to something? Was there some sort of bomb aboard? What could possibly concern her Lieutenant enough to bring it to her attention?

“I’ve run the scan three times, ma’am, and the computer keeps getting the registration wrong. It keeps reading ‘Giska Zikri’ and not ‘Heart of Corellia.’ I wouldn’t bring it to your attention, but…” The Lieutenant could tell that his Captain was losing her patience. He needed to make his case. “But there’s an outstanding notice for the Giska Zikri.” He motioned to his console, hoping upon hope that he had escaped Sloane’s wrath.



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