Edge of Empire: From Crime to Consequence

Captain's Log Entry 7

Another Fine Mess

After our aquatic landing we were in rough shape. Ying was able to keep the ship moving while we were underwater long enough to make our way into the hangar bay of a crashed star destroyer. I was amazed it was still air tight, and we were able to walk around most of the ship. Whatever brought it down left it in one piece. That wasn’t the only surprise it held. Some multitentacled creature had taken up residence inside the derelict, and for whatever reason it took a liking to my crew. Fortunately, shooting tentacles turns out to be a rather specific skillset I didn’t know I had.
The second surprise was there was one last passenger who didn’t evacuate when the ship went down. We found a guy in a stasis pod who claimed to be a Jedi. I’m don’t entirely buy his story – there’s plenty fishy about this set up. Like why would the crew of the Star Destroyer abandon a generally functional ship.
We managed to get the star destroyer up and flying long enough to be a diversion/battering ram against the Imperial frigate that was in orbit. We managed to get back to Nar Shadda ahead of the Imperial forces. We returned to our Hutt “benefactor” to find him in meeting with none other than Luke Skywalker, the most wanted man in the galaxy. As if we didn’t have enough Imperial attention as it was.



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