Edge of Empire: From Crime to Consequence

Captain's Log Entry 6

Nar Shadda, I doubt we’ll ever come across so much concentrated sleaze and nefarious undertakings anywhere else. The upside is we’re well off the Empire’s scanners this far out. Or so we thought. Turns out they have a listening post somewhere in the sector, and Thakba, the upstanding citizen that he is, wanted us to look into the matter.
In one of the bars on station we ran into our Sullustan friend with the fondness for jatz. Turns out he’s involved with the Rebellion, and he and his friends can help find that listening post. Things were going well until we almost managed to launch a raid on an Imperial shuttle without a hitch. The almost being the catch where we lost track of 3B, and are now en route to get him back from the Empire. This may not our worst thought out plan to date, and boy have we had some half-assed assumptions we later called plans.



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