Edge of Empire: From Crime to Consequence

Captain's Log

First Entry

The first run of the Heart of Corellia did not go as smoothly as planned. We touched down on Foros as scheduled, and that’s when things went pear shaped.

First our ship was impounded. The Imperial Navy was having some trouble with their scanners, and we were stuck planet side with our cargo stuck in the spaceport until the cargo could be cleared, but we were free to spend time in the city.

We visited a local cantina hoping to come up with a plan B when I first heard word that Callum had been in the area, and once again gotten in over his head chasing after some local ne’er-do-well hoping to score a bounty. A brawl broke out with some local toughs. Vet is handy in a fight, though he seems trigger happy at times. As the fighting broke out, one of the local thugs ran out the door, but I lost him in the crowd. After another run-in with some of their friends, we were able to track down an astromech droid that lead us to the asteroid where Callum ended up being held.

After convincing the officer in charge of impound to release our ship so we could pursue the fugitives, Some sort of caustic goop left over from space slugs lined the tunnels of the cave. After a brief firefight we were able to rescue Callum, capture the fugitive, and impound some ill gotten cargo.



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