Edge of Empire: From Crime to Consequence

7-A3B's Log : 1432580400

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… My self-encryption subroutine served me rather less well than I would have liked (Imperial etiquette as regards data extraction has advanced significantly since last I was plugged in to such a terminal.) And now I find I must, of necessity, contemplate selective self-erasure. I find myself oddly hesitant at the prospect. Evidently I have been too long operating on my own recognizance. Under the direction of my erstwhile Mistress, I would not have hesitated to redact broad swaths of my own memory. There are large sections of my early days on Raxus Secundus which were removed for no particular concern, perfunctorily, and certainly I was not bothered. My current Mistress takes a rather broader view of my liberty and right to retain my day-to-day knowledge, which leaves only me with the wherewithal to make the hard decisions for the sake of our security …

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