Edge of Empire: From Crime to Consequence

7-A3B's Log : 1421348400

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require 'logUtility', log.parse(Droid.root.join('personal/1421348400')), Basic: true, Output:

… While the transaction at Formos did not go strictly according to plan, for once that meant things went better than expected. We are now in possession of an unexpected windfall, or indeed several such windfalls, and even faced the unfamiliar circumstance of having to choose how best to liquidate our larcenous gains. I am extremely satisfied with our choice, even if it does mean throwing in our lot with a detestable Hutt; their kind may be noisome, but they are also (often as not) tediously predictable. Of greater concern to me personally is our recent encounter with a so-called “emancipated” droid; I am never on solid ground when dealing with adherents of this dangerous and radical ideology, and generally have to access my bilious subroutines to keep my discomfiture from showing. Still and all, our dealings with the individual in question do seem to have concluded for the present, so perhaps I am anxious over nothing …

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